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Our food items are handmade with the highest quality ingredients and a passion for flavor.  


Whether you're a foodie looking for new flavors or simply looking for a BBQ rub for the next cookout, our products are here for you.  We focus on all-natural ingredients and no preservatives, bringing small-batch homemade choices right to you.

VKD Artisan - Kitchen

Handmade Extracts

Homemade Extracts that will compliment all your baked goods, candies and cooking delights. We make small batches of each extract, so their flavors are aged at least 6 months and then bottled. 


VKD Artisan - Grill

Grill Master Collection

These handmade and award winning flavors are for the Grill Master of the house. 

From the once in a while griller to the weekend Grill King, we have what you need. Our collection of rubs, gift baskets and Grill Master aprons are just what your taste buds needed. 

Grill Master

VKD Artisan - Kitchen

Seasonings Collection

Homemade seasonings from the finest herbs and spices. From the perfect steak seasoning to an everyday veggie pick me up, we have got the seasonings for your meal.

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VKD Artisan - Kitchen


A wide variety of packaged soups for any season. Add a couple of fresh ingredients, set it and forget it. You'll have a delicious meal with minimal effort.


VKD Artisan - Kitchen

Sweet Treats

A fantastic selection of treats to fulfill the sweet tooth in anyone. From our selection of candied nuts to the handcrafted hot chocolate bombs, we have got the sweet for you. 

Feed Your Sweet tooth

April's Featured Item


One of the best vanillas I've ever used. I make a caramel chocolate chip cookie with this vanilla and the cookies are gone before I blink!

Elizabeth W

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